About Us

Discover our world-class team that provides specialised rescue, retrieval, and expert medical care services to patients across NSW and the ACT.


The Toll Ambulance Rescue Helicopter Service has a highly-qualified and experienced team of pilots, aircrew, doctors, paramedics, engineers and safety managers that perform over 2500 missions per year.

Flying from bases in Bankstown, Wollongong, Orange, and Canberra, our eight purpose-built Agusta Westland 139 (AW139) helicopters deliver the latest in performance, safety and innovation to patients across the Southern Zone of NSW and ACT.

With Toll as the operator, NSW Ambulance, ACT Ambulance and NETS (Newborn and paediatric Emergency Transport Service) provide the doctors, paramedics and flight nurses, that deliver exceptional critical care and ensure patients in regional and remote areas receive the medical assistance they require.


NSW Ambulance are committed to providing high quality clinical care and health related transport services to over 7.5 million people in NSW, distributed across an area of 801,600 square kilometres.

In partnership with Toll Group, NSW Ambulance provide the helicopter medical team on board every flight. The helicopter medical teams consist of an experienced critical care physician, Critical Care Paramedics (CCP) – including Special Casualty Access Team (SCAT) paramedics. The doctors are specialists in emergency and intensive care medicine and anaesthetics, or are senior trainees in those specialties with a specific focus and enhanced training in pre-hospital and retrieval medicine. The helicopter paramedic staff are experienced ICPs, many with SCAT training, enabling them to access and treat patients in a wide range of challenging environments, from mountain canyons to ocean rescue.

About NETS

NETS, the Newborn and paediatric Emergency Transport Service, part of the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, is a state-wide service of NSW Health. It provides expert clinical advice, clinical co-ordination, emergency treatment and stabilisation and inter-hospital transport for very sick babies and children up to the age of 16 years 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

NETS is not just a transport service. It provides a referral service for hospitals faced with a neonatal or paediatric emergency. Discussion about children with illness or injury occurs via conference calls with a NETS consultant and other clinical experts.

NETS has a staff of doctors, nurses and drivers (plus support staff). A NETS Retrieval Team comprises a specialist doctor and specialist nurse.


Together, ACT Ambulance, ACT Health and Toll form the Toll SouthCare Rescue Helicopter team. The SouthCare team delivers expert aviation, professional medical and rescue operations to the ACT and NSW Southern Eastern Region.

The SouthCare team consists of 16 ACT Health doctors from Capital Region Retrieval Services, 11 ACT Ambulance flight intensive care paramedics, 10 Toll pilots and aircrewpersons and 2 engineering personnel.

Our medical team is comprised of highly skilled, aviation trained doctors and intensive care paramedics. Together aviation and medical crew combine to form a dynamic and adept helicopter response team. Collectively our Toll SouthCare Rescue Helicopter team have a wealth of aviation and aeromedical experience and undergo continuous rigorous training to ensure they are prepared for any mission scenario.

In 2017 our team undertook greater than 450 missions. We are committed to providing the very best care and rescue to people in the communities we reach in 2018 and beyond.

The Toll SouthCare Rescue Helicopter team services a large area and has been to many locations some of which include, Moruya, Bega, Eden, Mallacoota, Snowy Mountains, Cooma, Bomballa,Wagga, Griffith, Hay, Narandera, Temora, Harden, ,Holbrook, Tumut, Crookwell and Goulburn.

About TOLL

For more than 10 years Toll Helicopters has provided safe and reliable helicopters services including emergency medical service, search and rescue operations, passenger transfer and logistics support often in remote and challenging locations.  In January 2017, Toll Helicopters commenced service for the communities of Southern NSW and ACT providing mission critical emergency helicopter rescue services.  The communities of NSW and ACT can be assured that they have the safest and most capable aviation operation supporting their ambulance care. With extensive experience in helicopter services, our pilots and aircrew are some of the most highly experienced and trained aviation professionals in the country.